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Comprint can provide your business or organisation with all of its clothing requirements. Sportswear, work wear, industrial wear, corporate wear, business wear and school wear, we have you covered. Comprint is proud to be a stockist of a wide range of quality brands. Contact us for more product information or to discuss your requirements.

There are several reasons why wearing a uniform can benefit businesses and organisations.

Corporate branding

  • Uniforms identify employees as individuals who are associated with a company and its products.
  • Uniforms help brand the company by distinguishing it from the competition.
  • Uniforms establish an impression in the mind of the consumer.

Project competence

  • Uniforms enable customers to identify employees in a store.
  • Employees wearing a uniform inspire confidence in the consumer by announcing that the individual is a professional with product knowledge and a willingness to help.
  • A uniform puts the force of the corporate reputation behind the individual, making them look reliable and trustworthy as a company representative.

Promote security

  • Uniforms identify an employee who is out in the field making a service call or delivery to a customer’s home.
  • Uniforms can also ease the mind of people handing over their keys when their car needs servicing, or customers when handing over money. 

Eliminate dress codes

  • Requiring employees to wear a uniform eliminates the need for creating and enforcing a dress code.


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